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Is it Cool to wear Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts on the Course?

Is it Cool to wear Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts on the Course?

Sales of Performance Golf Shirts are on the rise. Do they add an advantage to your round or is it in the mind.

In every Sport the advance of technological input has been essential to the improvement of performance over the years. I would like to see how far Rory would hit the ball of the day with a hickory shaft. (probably as far as I can with my modern day supersize headed driver!)

In sports apparel, the performance fabric revolution continues. Consider the rugby shirt of today versus the rugby shirt of thirty years ago (which we now sell as social ruby shirts).

The performance golf shirt trend continues apace with each brand marketing company claiming advantage for their product as a result of their “unique” production technology. Each has a registered name for their technology – Adidas call it Coolmax, Nike term it Dri Fit, Callaway have Opti Dri Hex, Stormtech have H2X Dry and even our trade brands such as Henbury have Coolplus.

For many of you who may like the look or the feel of these products you may still not understand what this revolution is all about.

Essentially the technology is about the mix or treatment of fibres to ensure that the moisture on your skin is passed from minimally absorbent fibres next to your skin to the outer fibres which will hopefully absorb the moisture and let it evaporate.

The question is, will these shirts help you play better because it is claimed you will feel more comfortable.  Some of the studies published suggest that there is no performance benefit from wearing these shirts in isolation. Undoubtedly due to the marketing efforts of the large sports marketing brands, performance golf shirts have become a fashion accessory, as in every other walk of sporting life. For some the feeling of staying dry throughout the round has a psychologically positive effect. However, in reality, even in the warmer climes, the skin is the only real regulator of actual temperature.

Polyester is the fibre of choice for the majority of the golf shirt manufacturers. However, there is a growing body of opinion that we should be supporting natural fibres as opposed to the synthetic varieties which, from a green lobby point of view, don’t break down well environmentally.  The cotton industry has now “caught on” and developed its performance fabric (TransDry), a treated cotton which offers comparable wicking properties to polyester. Good news for the golfer and good news for the environmentalist. Not such good news for your pocket as it comes at a substantial premium to synthetic wicking materials and golfers may baulk at this (despite the fact that they are paying thousands for their equipment and memberships).

Nevertheless, the polyester golf shirt with moisture wicking capability continues to increase its share of our pages as we head into the 2018 golf season. More and more golf societies are now stipulating this type of golf shirt for their tours down to Spain or Portugal. Like many other aspects of life, the leading brands sell some really nice golf shirts with their trademarked performance materials and for the budget conscious there are some excellent performance golf shirts from the lesser known brands. Every sector is well covered to suit the budget for your society or corporate golf event.

The question is, are performance golf shirts cool?

Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2018 14:51:48 +0000 GMT

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